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Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, a nightmare to play with

Tom Dwan – The greatest Talent of Poker

Tom Dwan is an American poker player who is known for his exquisite style and power packed gameplay in almost all the world poker championships. He is one of the youngest international poker players and is merely 24 years old. He was born in the month of July of the year 1986 in New Jersey, USA.  As of now, the total money earned by him is more than 5 million dollars just in full tilt poker.

Tom Dwan shot to fame through his win in the high stakes poker tournaments. He is popularly known by the nickname of “Durrrr” amongst the poker fraternity. He is one of the greates players online and offline when it involves Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker.

Tom Dawn realized his talent of poker when he was just 17 years old. He went to pursue engineering in a reputed institute of America and realized in his 1st year that he is quite good at poker. Although he played with a very small amount in the beginning, and that too he lost, he never lost hope in himself. In his college days, he played poker with Sit & Gos. Impressive thing to remark is he started with a 50 USD deposit which was given to him by his dad and he never ever deposit again money into his poker account (Just withdraws hehe) . In a few months, he discovered that he needs a bigger platform to showcase his talent. He then moved to real poker tables in Boston. Initially he lost a bit but not before long he realized his style of playing and started to recover his losses. Then he moved to international online poker tournaments and played with some of the best poker players of the world. And the best part is this that all this while he was still pursuing his engineering degree. But soon he realized that his career lies in poker and not in engineering. That year only, he decided to drop out of the engineering college and devoted all his time in online poker tournaments.

Some Impressive stats from his fulltilt gamming:

Sessions: 11470

Hands: 935,834

Almost 1M hands!!!!

During this period, he won several tournaments and also lost many. This could be termed as his real struggling period. But this was the same period when he learnt a lot about his game and other player’s game. Then he shot to fame by winning the biggest pot ever in the history of world poker. His biggest won pot in televised poker was shown in a past post, just impressive his for of play.

He has many international and domestic titles in his pocket. He is also the youngest player to play in the European poker championship in 2005 which was held in London. He was just 19 when he participated in that event. In 2007, he came fifth in the world poker championship and won a whopping sum of three hundred thousand US dollars. This was his first big win. After that, Tom Dwan never looked back. The very next year, he won two title championships in Australia. This brought him at par with some of the best poker players of the world. In the year 2009, he came 9th in the American poker championship and won a huge amount of two hundred thousand dollars. But his best performance was unleashed when he ended at second position in the biggest poker event of the world – the world series of poker which is popularly known as WSOP. He was awarded three hundred eighty thousand US dollars as prize money. In the year 2010, he has earned more than half a million dollars and thus raising his total earnings through poker to one and a half million dollars.

Other poker players with whom he has played say that he is the greatest bluffer of all times. He has some greatest bluff wins to his record with the most recent one against Isildur. He pulled off a major bluff and swept 500,000 US dollars off the table. He has also challenged some of the other players like Daniel Cates and Patrik Antonius. His famous challenge that after fifty thousand hands, if anyone is leading the stack against him, Tom would pay him $1.5 million dollars and if Tom leads the stack, then he will take only half a million dollars. Till date, the only people taking his challenge are Patrick Antonius and Jungleman12, here are some stats of this challenge:

durrrr Vs jungleman12

Leader: jungleman12
Amount: $657,774.5
Hands: 7,660 of 50,000
Sessions: 6

Last update: October 5th, 2010

durrrr Vs Patrik Antonius

Leader: durrrr
Amount: $2,059,719.5
Hands: 39,436 of 50,000
Sessions: 64

Last update: August 3rd, 2010

There is a tracker in: http://www.durrrrchallenge.com/ which follow up the challenge

His for of play? Well he is an extremely aggressive player, he can play even 8 tables at the same time online, he makes a variety of hands that no one can do, he can play with 27 and crack down the Aces, a real hard player to beat cause you aren’t able to read him. One of the best online.

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