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Review in glamble poker application

Glamble Poker- Poker application in facebook

Online gaming has become an integral part of social networking sites. The gaming enthusiasts all over the world could not have asked for more with the social networking sites gaining unbeaten popularity. The social gaming arena seems to be expanding in dimensions every passing day.  It is estimated that above 40 million people access these online gaming applications every day. People from all age groups access the social gaming.

Facebook has innumerable gaming applications like Gambino, Texas Grand Poker, WPT Poker, Texas hol’em poker, Glamble poker, WSOP poker, for a gaming addict. The poker applications are a favorite with many users. Glamble poker has of late been gaining many loads of users, becoming the 2nd biggest application for facebook. It is an online casino application where you can compete in texas hold’em poker. It has a whooping 859362 monthly users and almost 100K active users daily. The figures keep rising with more and more people joining everyday.

Glamble poker encourages you to dwell in interpersonal gaming. You can have your own social or personal circle, or you can join any rooms. Joining any room will depend on your stakes. You have to play with your chips. When you join this application, your glamble account automatically gets credited with 25.5 million worth of chips. Remember all this is a virtual currency, if you find yourself in need of more glamble chips then you obtain them by paying around ten dollars or more depending on the requirement. You can invite your Facebook friends to pay too. So that ways you are bound to have more fun in your own peer group. Glamble has the different level. You can pick up any level 1 to 4 depending on your expertise.

The glamble support keeps having online tournaments, promotions and polls. If you are a lucky winner then you get a chance to win a million chips. Your profile page shows your achievements, glams etc. There is an also virtual store, which helps you in buying   things and gets a certain number of fans free along with it. Glamble has many new players in its arena. The lack of their experience can help you to score well and gain popularity if you are a serious player. Mostly, people end up having a lot of fun and entertainment on glamble.

However, there have been instances of players complaining that their chips have been stolen. These chips are precious currency used for playing. At times, it becomes a little frustrating   if suddenly many of your chips have just vanished. Sometimes the Glamble support helps you in figuring things out. Many users have encountered similar problems, which have resulted in negative reviews being given to Glamble. The Glamble application is not exactly too user friendly as other major applications in facebook. The graphics are not too well done. Moreover, it takes sometime for the application to load well. The forum link never opens and is always shown under construction. Chatting or exchanging messages are not a feature so interaction is really less. There has been an instance of users being banned for no apparent reasons. The support staff is helpful only sometimes.

In resume


  • You have loads of chips
  • Bad level of players (this is  a pro if you don't like big competitors), loads of donkeys in the game
  • Chips are cheap


  • Real bad graphic interface
  • Not many features as in other applications
  • You might get banned if you are in the top 100 leader board
  • Support is slow
  • Chip sellers spam the application the whole day (you can experience 10 messages per every 4 minutes in an application announcing chip selling)
  • Has many bugs

Every application has its pros and cons. Glamble too has its own fair share. Its popularity is ever rising with new user’s everyday. It is bound to become one of the most used applications on Facebook very soon if it improves, if not it will decline in the long term and give space for other applications.

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